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[Stats] Snow Fenrir

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1[Stats] Snow Fenrir Empty [Stats] Snow Fenrir on Sun May 08, 2011 7:06 pm

Well, as title says, when I evolved my Great Wolf into Fenrir, stats didn't change, but when I evolved that Fenrir into a Snow Fenrir, it went dramatically down (1.000 p.atk aproximately).



Bueno, como dice el título, al evolucionar mi Great Wolf a Fenrir, los stats se mantuvieron, pero al evolucionar dicho Fenrir a Snow Fenrir, disminuyeron drásticamente (alrededor de 1.000 p.atk).


Scheme buffer lacks of some buffs that are included in the manual buffer (the one named Shiel). May be done something respecting that?
El scheme buffer no tiene buffs que están en el buffer manual (el que se llama Shiel). ¿Se puede hacer algo al respecto?

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